DIY Plans to Build Firewood Shed – 5 Cord Sizes. DIY Plans. Instant Download


These are DIY Plans in PDF format.

  • These are plans (DIY build guide, instructions, schemes, woodworking plans) to help you create a beautiful and comfortable life with your own hands.
  • To clarify, these are pdf documents.
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  • You will receive full premium plans with step by step 3D or 2D diagrams and instructions, material list, and  recommended tools list will help you save time, money and get the job done in a weekend.
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This is a bundle set of 5 firewood shed plan PDF’s, including all 1-5 cord sizes. Measurements are in imperial units, instructions are concise and made for all skill levels from beginners to expert DIYers. The plans are designed to be efficient, helping you to save on materials and time.

Bundle includes 5 PDF’s:

– 1 Cord | 4×10 Firewood Shed Plans

– 2 Cord | 4×16 Firewood Shed Plans

– 3 Cord | 6×12 Firewood Shed Plans

– 4 Cord | 6×16 Firewood Shed Plans

– 5 Cord | 8×16 Firewood Shed Plans


Each firewood shed plan PDF is 20 pages, made with high quality plans and images, and can be printed directly on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets.

PDF Plans includes:

  • Materials and cut list
  • 2D Plans and elevations
  • 3D Diagrams
  • Complete dimensions and measurements
  • Cut details and layouts
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Tools list, material cost, and tips!

A well designed firewood shed is guaranteed to keep your logs dry and organized. These sheds usually take up a small amount of space in your backyard or campsite, and can add a cozy cabin look to your property.


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very complete. Different options as well.


Very well layer out instructions


Very well layer out instructions

Meg John

My husband and I built the firewood shed (4 x 10) in about 3 days. I would describe our skill level as handy but certainly not advanced. Although we LOVE the firewood shed there are a few things to note. The project is rated as Easy but we would definitely describe this as at least intermediate. All of the cuts were straight and uncomplicated except a couple floor boards, but some of the assembly of the roof in particular was more challenging. You have to drill into the lumber as you’re holding it in place, keeping it lined up overhead. They budget the project for about $400 and it was about double that. Of course the price of lumber is up, but just something to know. Some of the directions are not very descriptive. All that said we were able to figure it out and we do love it at the end of the day. Very sturdy, looks sharp!