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A how-to guide that will help you build your very own lean-to style greenhouse! This guide was created after I shared a photo of this greenhouse on a plant and home décor group that I follow online. I received a flood of requests for a material list and a design plan from so many of you so I created this guide for you! These plans were not created by a Journeyman Carpenter, this is not an engineered building, and this is a guide and not a set of blueprints. These are simply from my original design and I have digitized them all for you. The guide includes a material list, project cost, and step by step guide with measurements and plenty of photos to simplify the process for you!

Customer Reviews

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I fell in love with this design the second I saw it!! We have not been able to start building yet bc of the weather, but this was so easy to download and get printed. my husband had everything we needed mapped out for our greenhouse the night I bought this. we cannot wait for get started!!


Loved these instructions! Definitely not a beginners’ project, but the descriptions and photos were really helpful. We modified the plans to sit on pier blocks and built our own benching. Thank you!!

Cheryl Suddeth

I love the look of this greenhouse and that’s why I had to have the blueprints. However, instead of cutting the boards and creating several feet of scrap wood and polycarbonate sheeting, I built the greenhouse as a 10’ x 8’, not a 10’ x 7’, all without buying any additional wood. However, since my land is not level, I put a floor in mine using 8’ decking boards.

Kristen Hunter

Aside from some staining and installing shelving we finished our greenhouse today just before the cold snap tonight! These plans were soo helpful as a guide!! Definitely needed help from experienced builders in the family and we added a deck and modified dimensions because we built on a slope and wanted it along a path flush with the house, but if you need a guide this is a great start!!