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A chicken tractor is a mobile home for your chickens, meant to be moved daily onto fresh ground with forage. As such, it does not have a floor, and if you live in an area with very cold winters, you may need to set your chickens up in a stationary spot during the coldest months when there is no forage, either in the tractor with some additional protection (we are happy to provide suggestions) or in a more traditional stationary coop.

Our plans are made up of 29 full color pages in PDF format consisting of tools list, materials list, cutting diagrams, and over 100 photos illustrating step by step instructions. They also include some add-on ideas you can try as well.

Approximate cost of materials is $335 or less depending on your area.

Tools needed:
Measuring Tape
Circular Saw
Drill / Driver
Carpenter Square
Straight Edge
Kreg Jig and driver (*see note below)
Paint Brush / Roller
Countersink drill bit
Tin Snips
Wire Cutters
5/8″ Spade or Forstner bit
2 Adjustable wrenches
Nut driver
1/4″ and 1/2″ Drill bits

Here are some of the benefits of our design:
• Protects pullets and hens from most predators that will prey on free-range chickens
• Makes egg collection simple and easy
• Keeping the chickens moving onto fresh grass every day (or more often if you wish) helps keep
pests and parasites from setting up shop
• Made from commonly available materials
• Efficient use of materials results in very little waste
• Lots of space for 6 to 7 hens (common recommendation is 3 sq ft per hen; our chicken tractor results
in about 5 sq ft per hen)
• No unnecessary weight makes it as light as possible and easy to move
• Can be maintained without opening the door and the possibility of chickens escaping
• Hens cannot defecate in their water source
• Nest trays are easy and cheap to buy, and easy to clean or replace.
• Ceiling over nest box prevents hens from standing and defecating in their nest box, resulting in
cleaner nest boxes and eggs.
• Can be unscrewed easily to replace worn or damaged parts
• Hens are on the ground and can scratch and eat grass, bugs, worms, etc. – their natural diet
• The next best thing to free-range, without the predation and lost eggs.
• With laying chickens, the average egg yield is about 18 dozen eggs per hen per year. That means
that with six hens you can get over 100 dozen eggs a year, or about 2 dozen a week. Some hens
will lay even more, depending on breed, age, and time of year. Our best day with 12 hens in two
chicken tractors was 13 eggs!
• Moved on a daily basis, the hens will keep weeds down without decimating any one area
• This chicken tractor can also be used to prepare a patch of grass or weeds for a garden bed by leaving
the tractor in one place for a few days to a week. The hens will dig up the ground and leave
some fertilizer, making it easy to spade up and plant.
The tractor is also sized to fit over a 4’x8′ garden bed, and chickens do a great job cleaning up the vestiges of your garden after harvest.


Customer Reviews

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Chicken tractor made, and we love it!!


Plans look very thorough and easy to follow! The pictures are very helpful and I can’t wait to start the actual build. I needed some help finding the download that doesn’t show on the app, but that’s not anything to do with the seller. I’ve only built one other woodworking project. My lack of experience can make these things intimidating, but these plans really put me at ease and make me more excited about the process than anything.


The chicken tractor instructions were laid out step-by-step and simple to follow. This is the third tractor we’ve built in 5 years, and this is by far the easiest to move around the yard! Great plans! Highly recommend getting the hardware kit with the directions if you don’t already have lots of hardware on hand to save buying full boxes of fasteners when you only need a few of multiple varieties.