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Diy Chicken Coop Plans With Run Plans (DIY Building Project)
Searching for a chicken coop with sturdy framing to last much more years? These plans would be the perfect answer.

We like to keep things simple! This chicken coop are designed for the family with limited time. The coop can comfortably house up to 14 laying hens to provide your family with plenty of fresh eggs daily. The design takes into account standard lumber measurements which reduces waste and cost.

About your modern chicken coop:
• The length of the chicken coop is 8ft
• Coop width is 5ft
• Maximum coop height is 10ft
• 40 square feet of floor space
• Sturdy construction framing
• Raised base nesting boxes (7 compertment)
• Hinged lid for easy egg gathering
• One wide main access door
• One clean’out door
• Two awning window
• Steel roof or shingle

The nesting boxes can be accessed with a simple pull up door on the rear side of the coop to collect eggs from the outside.

Chicken run features:
• 10ft length
• 8ft width
• 7ft height
• Main access door

You can easily modify the plans to fit your requirements.

This DIY plans/designs are optimized for minimal cutting and material waste.

You get a 81 page instant downloadable PDF file with detailed plans, elevations, sections, material list, material cut lists, material cut layout, assembly proccess, step by step instructions, recommended tools list, 3D diagrams, shopping list and helpful tips.

Build safe, and have fun:
Make sure to follow all manufacturers’ instructions when using tools, materials, or equipment — and use the appropriate protective devices when building, such as workgloves, eye and ear protection, boots, etc. Know what you can handle physically as well, and work within your limits.