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Detailed 27 page Digital Plans to create a beautiful, well thought out, and easy-to-build Chicken Coop and Run. This coop allows for super easy access to the nesting boxes to gather eggs as well clean while ensuring it stays nice and dry. The coop also features a completely new and unique angled roost and droppings board design that allows for double doors to easily clean the droppings board and access the inside of the coop. The droppings board keeps the floor of the coop super clean and is very easy to clean.

This coop and run is designed for up to 10-12 chickens. The coop and run can also be scaled up or down more or less chickens.

Cost to build varies greatly on your location and building material costs. Building materials have fluctuated greatly over the last couple of year but and so on average this coop should cost between $1000-$2000 to build.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

These are amazing plans, well organized and easy to execute. Starting a new chicken coop this weekend.

Tiffany T

There were many strange cuts due to one of the sides. Due to the many odd cutouts, we decided to use a different design. Beautiful chicken coop design, just more intense design than I felt it should be.

Kenia Hoover

Great file! Thanks a lot!

Cassandra Tarin

The plans are pretty well made. As a beginner, I can follow it, but you should have a basic knowledge of building as there is no guidance on how to build it, just what goes where and dimensions.


Some of the measurements were unclear, making tracking difficult at times.